Planroom Policies

Planroom Policies

The planroom is a valuable service to members of The Builders Exchange and is available for use by every member company.

It is requested that each person using the planroom respect the rights and needs of all members. To help insure that maximum value from this service accrues to all members, the following common sense guidelines for planroom use have been established.

The planroom is staffed and maintained as a service to The Builders Exchange members. Non-members may use the facilities on a limited basis, by invitation of staff, as an introduction courtesy to The Builders Exchange, or for a user fee of $20.00 per person per visit.

Plans and specifications on file cover projects throughout the state of Ohio. If you have interest in plans not on file, every effort will be made to obtain the same for all member's use.

The planroom is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm except on legal and industry holidays.

The Planroom Coordinator is on hand at all times to assist you and to oversee planroom operations. The Planroom Coordinator is responsible for the operation of the planroom and observance of these guidelines.

Persons using the planroom must be employed on the permanent staff of a Builders Exchange member. All other persons will be afforded the limited privilege of a guest.

Each person entering the planroom must sign the planroom register. Persons not signing the register will be denied use of the facilities.

Planroom privileges will be suspended or revoked for any member not in good standing financially with the Exchange, or whose representatives abuse the planroom use.

The planroom facilities are designed to provide reasonable plan services, and are not designed to accommodate full-time use for estimating and the transaction of business.

The planroom should not be used by more than three estimators from a member firm at one time.

Plans should be reviewed as quietly as possible and loud conversation avoided. When it is necessary that conversation regarding a plan be held at length, arrangements should be made with the Coordinator for the use of a conference room.

No food or beverages are permitted in the planroom.

Plans and specifications should be handled carefully to prevent mutilation so the next person using them will not be handicapped. All repair needs should be brought to the attention of the Coordinator.

The Builders Exchange insists that where plans are defaced or mutilated deliberately by an estimator, the estimator will be responsible to defray the complete cost of reprinting the set of plans. Further, upon evidence of deliberate defacing or mutilation, the estimator and his firm will be suspended from all planroom services for 60 days.

Marks, checks or figures placed on the drawings or specifications must be erased prior to returning them to the rack and drawers.

Plans should not be left idle during a lunch period. Others working during your lunch time could utilize the plans if they are returned to the rack before you go to lunch.

While no time limit is set upon the continuous period which an individual may use a set of plans, courtesy is and should be used. If plans are to be used for longer than four continuous hours, it would be courteous if others were asked if they needed them for a short period of time before continuing on.

Plans and specifications may not be split without the Coordinator's approval. If approval is given, the Coordinator will make the split.

Plans and specifications cannot be reserved for use in the planroom during office hours or for the removal from the planroom during office hours.

Anyone removing plans or specifications from the planroom without authorization will have their planroom privileges revoked until membership suspension is considered by the Board of Directors.

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