About Us


The present Builders Exchange was founded in 1881 by a group of contractors, suppliers and architects to facilitate the \exchange\ of information between all segments of the construction industry. Shortly after its inception, the Builders Exchange began reporting on construction projects that were out for bid and continues to do so today.

Over the years, the Exchange has been responsible for many innovative ideas such as \permanent building materials exhibits\ set up within the confines of the Exchange offices and maintained by exhibiting member companies. These exhibits offered the latest in building materials and conveniences and were visited by thousands of people every year.

The Builders Exchange was also the first to introduce the Craftsmanship Awards Program which honored outstanding craftsmanship beginning with a formal nomination process and ending with a gala dinner dance and presentation of the awards. This program has been emulated by other Exchanges across the country.

Today, the Builders Exchange offers a wide variety of services to over 2500 member companies from health insurance to social events to educational opportunities. But the foundation of the Exchange, as always, can be found in its construction reporting service. These reports are now distributed via the internet along with complete specifications and blueprints which are scanned into the Builders Exchange web site.

A leader in the electronic distribution of construction documents, the Builders Exchange is well positioned for the journey in the 21st century.