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Membership Information

Application Fee: Each new member must pay a one-time application fee of $100.00.

Membership Dues: Current dues are $725.00 per year. This fee includes the use of our on-line construction reporting service, except for plans, specs and addenda on-line.

NOTE: Membership in the Builders Exchange is a company membership and as such all W2 employees of the member company enjoy full use of the services. Subcontractors, affiliated companies, joint partnerships, etc. are not considered part of the member company and are not afforded membership rights.

Construction Reports: Access to our construction reports is available in two different forms:

News Only: The news portion of the construction reports is included in the membership dues. "News" consists of Current Projects Out For Bid, Bidders Lists, Apparent Low Bidders, Projects in Pre-Bid Stage, etc.

Upgrade: The Builders Exchange scans all addenda, specs and drawings into our computer system and posts them online. The cost to receive access to all addenda, specs and drawings is only $775.00 per year (in addition to the standard membership fees).

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