Coyle SSPPP Professionals Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector


Job Summary

The primary responsibility of the Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector (Inspector) isto perform field erosion and sediment control inspections on roadway, bridge, and building projects in accordance with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) prepared for the project.

The Inspector must have a good understanding of erosion and sediment control as it relates to roadway, bridge, and building construction. Specific job training will be provided.

Many of the projects to be inspected are Ohio Department of Transportation, County, and Municipal road and bridge projects and are located throughout the State of Ohio. As such, the Inspector must be prepared to drive long distances as part of their work and will be required
to drive Coyle SWPPP Professionals’ vehicles.

The Inspector will report to Coyle SWPPP Professionals’ project designers. The Inspector must be able to effectively communicate with the project designers on conditions observed in the field, making recommendations as to any changes to the SWPPP that might be required.

The Inspector position is a full-time salary position. Hours will vary throughout the construction season.

Minimum Requirements

The Inspector should have a two year Associates Degree in Environmental and/or Construction/Construction Management Technology or equivalent. Appropriate work experience can qualify as an equivalent.

CPESC and/or CESSWI certifications are required to perform erosion and sediment control inspections. Specific job training will be provided.

The Inspector must understand and be competent in the use of computers and computer software such as Microsoft Office Products.

Previous construction experience in heavy highway construction work is a plus.

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